Zel' Evar


Society and Culture

Zel’ Evar was formed by Dovarh ero Feralt at one point, the realm stretched across the continent. It was the dominant force in the region. Since then, other nations have been slowly chiping away at its territories. Now the Evar run the nation on the eastern edge of the continent. The Evar worship the runes, and are responsible for the creation of many ancient cities in the empire. Also many unearthed devan ruins dot the nation.


The Evar are lead by the king Kasvyr ero Garul out of the city of Zel’ Kazath. Each noble in the realm swears fealty to him, and in return are granted land, military title, respect, and power. The Evar are currently a united force, swaying their allegiance begins and ends at the top.


Zel’ Kazath
Zel’ Azyr
Zel’ Deva
Zel’ Gyr
The Isheahava
The Breaker

Zel' Evar

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