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  • Nightfall

    The sky went dark, and there were no stars, and on the third day, the sun never rose. A pillar of fire rose over the Kedilia hills, and the screeching darkness exploded from the caverns.

  • The Prophet of Haskan

    The Prophet of Haskan has correctly predicted several events, including [[:raikea-era-pyr | Seraphim's Revolt]] and [[Nightfall]] No one knows the identity of the prophet, only that this person came to light 4 years ago in the court of [[:alvhien-era- …

  • Mavix

    The former administrator of Tiltallu, Mavix was found during the [[Nightfall]] event in the Quiet Tiger Inn, preaching to his townspeople about the future purge of the Tauxian enemy. He claimed that [[:the-prophet-of-haskan | The Prophet of Haskan]] …

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