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  • Dovarh ero Feralt

    Dovarh Ero Feralt was the first hero of the Evar Agen, he created the nation of [[Zel' Evar | Zel' Evar]] which spanned most of the continent of Valeras. Many evar revere his exploits, and many evar customs are derived from his traits, the immutability of …

  • Ceristal Detheniel

    Ceristal Detheniel was the elf who united the clans and conquered the northern lands of [[Ethillea | Ethillea]] His campaign of terror ended the [[Elven Incursions | Elven Incursions]] and created the elven nation that stands to this day. His death was …

  • Pauline Ferdinanda Lang

    Paulina is a young blonde woman responsible for the deaths of several high-ranking officials in [[Ascamae | Ascamae]]. No one is exactly sure who she works for but all of her assassination targets have been Members of the Ascamae senate.

  • Ryuunosuke Nishimura

    Ryuunosuke Nishimura is the single greatest warrior alive in [[Tuaxia | Tuaxia]] today. He has killed Hundreds on the battlefield, and constantly tests himself with duels. Many challengers have died to his

  • Shouta Yamada

    Shouta Yamada is one of two personal bodyguards of [[:min-xiang-lam | Min Xiang Lam ]], and a member of [[:the-red-samurai | The Red Samurai]] he is one of the most powerful warriors in the empire. said to have killed hundreds on the battlefield, he is a …

  • Melerith Ebonwings

    Melerith Ebonwings is the leader of the Iskel Den, a small clan of Drow on the outskirts of [[The Isa | The Isa]]. She's bright, pretty, energetic, and deadly. She's the strongest wizard in the drow community she runs, and has a position of prestige.

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