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  • Lysalana's Cord

    This belt was worn by legendary swashbuckler [[:lysalana | Lysalana]]. During her adventuring years she slew a number of displacer beasts, which she used to create the belt. The belt creates an almost blur when she tumblers close to an enemy.

  • Ogruk's Belt

    This belt was worn by a legendary giant who ruled a clan in the Haskan mountains. This giant lead a massive army and put a major dent into the defenses of the dwarfs. Ogruk was eventually slain but his might lives on in this oversized belt.

  • Agility enhancement belt

    The treasure found in [[:keanriith-the-crushing-devastation | Keanriith's]] trove was diverse in form and function, this belt forces the user's nervous system to process and transfer information very quickly. [[:victor | Victor ]]

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