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  • Arbalet

    Arbalet is a realm of thick, dark forests, knights and castles. Arbalet was at one point a monarchy, now it is run by [[Inquisition | The Grand Inquisition]], which sells top hunt and destroy all it deems a witch. No one is safe from the secret …

  • Tregeron

    [[File:398114 | class=media-item-align-none | arbelet_cap.jpg]] Tregeron, the capital of [[Arbalet | Arbalet]], is a magnificent walled city in the center of the [[Barrow Timberlands]]. it is the current home of the [[Inquisition]], and by extension …

  • Barrow Timberlands

    [[File:400566 | class=media-item-align-none | timberlands.jpg]] A massive forest in the center of [[Arbalet | Arbalet]]. Countless battles have been fought beneath its canopy. And massive castles sprout though the trees.

  • Inquisition

    The Inquisition makes sure no witches (arcane casters) exist within [[Arbalet | Arbalet]]. originally commissioned by the mad King Leopold Verany, who wished to remove the scourge of wizardry from his land after he became convinced they were poisoning his …

  • Mirstogn

    A small town known for the legend of the Twin Guardians. It is protected by two guardian runestones. [[:warpriest | Elmorn]] was born here

  • Georges Enzo Vipond

    Gorgus Enzo Vipond is the Grand Inquisitor of [[Arbalet | Arbalet]]. He is an over-righteous zealot responsible for the burning of over 5000 people accused of being witches. Gorgus talks with a gravelly voice, his throat had been partially slashed by a …

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