Leg wraps of the Dragon Kick

Simple linen leg wraps


Once/day as part of a charge you may make an unarmed attack with a +5 bonus to the attack roll. if the attack hits you may deal an additional 1d12 points of damage. Also, as part of this charge you may make an acrobatics roll to jump over any intervening obstacles. This jump MUST be at the end of the charge, before the attack.


The Monks at Lucian Beklea‘s monastery left him with this gift when he destroyed the sanguimancy device in Kerreshtu. These leg wraps were once worn by the legendary warrior, An Jun Pan. An Jun’s daring attacks often gave him a massive advantage. His Dragon kicks were an excellent opener, putting his enemies on the back foot. They were also an excellent finisher, dropping his opponent once and for all.

Leg wraps of the Dragon Kick

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