Zel' Evara

Zel’ Evara was founded by Dovarh ero Feralt, At the edge of the Death’s Razor between the Hellfury River and the Djurger River. The city became the captial of Zel’ Evar, as its central location at the hub of two major rivers made it a major economic force within the empire.

Along the Death’s Razor escarpment there are a series of Devan ruins these ruins are s constant source of wealth for many brave and couragous adventurers. Also along the escarpment are a massive series of interconnected caves called the Isa

On the Hellfury river there are two forts, Fort Aegis and Fort Hammertooth And another fort along the only path up the escarpment.

Northeast of the city, along the Djurger, there is a large town filled with powerful arcane spellcasters called Fang Thunder


Zel' Evara

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