The Last Great War

The last Great War was a massive civil war involving every nation within the Calderi Empire. It is estimated that over 1 million civilians died during the course of the war, and several dozen cities and towns were completely razed to the ground. The political landscape was completely revamped. And the war ended with Ascamae ascending to power.


The war started with the assassination of the Baron Defke, a high ranking Gorguss Family crony. He was responsible for integrating Ascame with Arbalet, as Ascame was practically a Vassal state of of its northern neighbour. The assassin was never found but Arbalet accused Ascamae anyway. They attempted to occupy several cities along the border and were fought off. the border tension sparked into open war between the nations. Eventually Imperial troops were brought in after the death of then Emperor Getha Gorguss at the insistence of the new emperor, his son Huat Gorguss. The new emperor was weak, and his command of strategy was limited, he lost several small battles against Ascamae, and when he went to fully crush the enemy army, he was instead surrounded and crushed at the Battle of the Hellfury



The Last Great War

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