The Gunari Clan

The Gunari clan is a well established military clan in the land of Ascame. For generations in the past, they were a wandering mercenary company that would hire themselves out to any noble family that could pay them. As their individual combat specialties differed from person to person, they were highly effective in nearly every situation. Because of this, most nobles that had the opportunity to hire them jumped at the chance to employ this famous clan. During one particularly grueling war, a noble hired them to accomplish a near impossible feat. Since it went against their creed to deny requests from paying patrons, they accepted the mission. While they did succeed, their fallen were numerous. Cut to below 70%, the clan were no longer in any shape to accept the scope of missions that they once prided themselves on.

Some time ago, the lord of Ascame, impressed by the clan’s past accomplishments offered them land in Cunetio so that they may rest and rebuild their clan in a stable area. In exchange, their services would be promised only to him. The Gunari leader agreed, glad to have a constant patron that will make use of their skills. Since, the clan has flourished under the patronage of the Ascame nobility and has pledged themselves to fight only under their flag.

The Gunari clan is very militaristic. All members of the clan, male or female, focus on mastering their specialized combat styles, or performing various chores similar to those that you would find in a war camp. Gunari children a raised doing these chores and familiarizing themselves with the Gunari clan creed. They are trained in several fighting styles in an attempt to determine specific weapons or combat styles that they excel in for specialized training as they grow. Sloan was the first to continue improving multiple combat styles as he was specifically being trained to become a diverse warrior, able to adapt to any situation (sort of a microcosm of the Gunari clan as a whole).

Aiden Gunari, the current clan leader (and Sloan’s father), determines how to deploy their members on whatever missions are given to the clan from their liege and is very familiar with each clan member’s chosen style. He has also gained familiarity with the layout of Cunetio as the Gunari have taken to becoming the official militia of the village. His Uncle, Marcus, and his younger brother, Daric are his lieutenants, and at least one of them will accompany larger deployments of the clan. Aiden specializes in tactics and mainly uses polearms (especially his Guisarme “Evisorrex”) when fighting. Marcus “The Hammer” specializes as shock infantry and uses his warhammer “Basher” and morningstar “Crasher” in combat. Daric specializes in defensive maneuvers utilizing his flying talon “Falcon” to disarm and trip his opponents.

The Gunari Clan

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