Nations within the Calderi Empire

The Ancient nation of Ascamae is a land of architectural wonders, great works of engineering, and military genius. Ascamae’s Legions fight to great effect for the glory and honor of their homeland. Ascamae is run by the regent Caecilia Severina while the king of the realm is the current emperor.
Language: Common (Ascaran)
Bonus Feats: Cosmopolitan, Engineer, legionnaire

The nation of Arbalet is a land of chivalry and knights, dark woods, robbers, and monasteries. Great castles dot the land as nobles war and squabble internally. for the past 500 years the realm has been run by the Inquisition the current inquisitor is Georges Enzo Vipond, and he seeks to stamp our all heretics by the sword and by flame.
Language: Common (Arbalese)
Bonus Feats: Bull-Headed, Cultured, Defensive

The technologically advanced nation of Criandel is responsible for the invention of Firearms, Steam Engines and The Great Calderi Railroad. It’s a mostly dry and hot nation, its railroads allow for fast transportation across the desert. The Technocracy is run by Lucan Wolfgang
Language: Common (Criandish)
Bonus Feats: Engineer, Scholar, Scientific

The savage nation of Ethillea is the home of the Elves, massive, dangerous wildernesses, and savage beasts. The elves are not hospitable to outsiders, and that pretty much goes for the nation as a whole. Victylin Darkknife is the queen of the elven peoples.
Language: Elven
Bonus Feats: Brachiation, Duelist, Hunter

The war-blasted nation of Felderath is the site of what was once a fierce magical battle during the Extermination Wars Magic, and the land became so scarred here that spells cannot be cast. Lingering arcana still taints the land and mutates much of the life that exists here. Sometimes the dead, or non-living entities animate spontaneously and attack what few villages eke out a meager existence in this realm.
Language: Common (Rathin)
Bonus Feats: Endurance, Magic-Dead, Resistant

The Ancient land of Haskan has only recently been added to the Calderi Empire. the Dwarves who ruled this land built great monuments and fortresses in the mountains. but their isolation and conservative attitudes eventually lead to the haskan Conflict and to the invasion of the realm by the Calderi Empire. The Oligarchy in the regiong is headed by Denghi Masshammer
Language: Dwarven, Evar, Common (Haskine)
Bonus Feats: Endurance, Engineer, Miner

Land of Gossamer
The Fey land of Gossamer is a spot where this world bleeds through to the next. The misty moors here are home to many fey and magical creatures. Gnomes call this nation home as they are very closely linked to the first world, and are led by Davgeon Huntinghawk.
Language: Gnomish, Aklo, Sylvan
Bonus Feats: Fey-Loved, First World Explorer, Magical Aptitude,

The gothic land of horror, Nereb is a dark place, mountainous, and with dark, ancient woods. Mysterious castles, undead horrors, and dark magic are common in this realm. People whisper in hushed tones, the rumors that the current ruler Nicușor Dragoș Petran, who has ruled here for more than 250 years is a vampire.
Language: Necril, Common (Nerebian)
Bonus Feats: Eerie Quiet, Iron Will, Monastic

Spectre Isles
The proud and hardy nation of the Spectre Isles is composed of 4 major islands and inumerable small ones. The islands are home to a seafaring people of master ship builders. The current ruler, Kristjana Robertsson rallies the islands and occasionally raids her neighbors. Tuaxia is her most common target of late.
Language: Common (Skaldic), Giant
Bonus Feats: Mercantile, Sea Legs, Storm Lashed

The exotic realm of Tuaxia is home to strange, serpentine, dragons, samurai and monks, grand temples and massive armies. the land is feudal in organization. The Lords of the realm constantly position for supremacy. Tauxia is the most expansive realm in the empire, but its internal divisions keep it from becoming too powerful. Min Xiang Lam
Lanuage: Common (Tauxian)
Bonus Feats: Cultured, Iron Will, Mercantile

Zel’ Evar
The Oldest realm in the empire, the realm of Zel’ Evar is the home of the empire’s originators, the Evar. It once held the Imperial seat, Zel’ Evara, but it lost that city in The Last Great War, along with half of its territories. Zel Evar has many ancient, massive cities. The Evar use a lot of stone construction and revere the Runes so much it has become a symbol for the nation.
Language: Evar, Common (Ascaran)
Bonus Feats: Defensive, Disciplined, Strict

Nations outside the purview of the Empire


The Barbaric lands to the north are mostly barren, mountainous wastes, but many tribes of uncivilized humans and monstrous humanoids exist here. They make their living raiding the lowlands. This land hasnt been conquered by the empire mostly because it’s seen as pointless, there is no compelling reason to do so, no trade to be had, no wealth, no power. But something powerful is rumored to be lost within the mountains…
Language: Orcish, Gnoll, Goblin, Common (Haarguthian)

The Isa

The Underground realm of the Isa is a massive cavern, mine, and tunnel complex stretching under the center of the empire. Many collapsed Deva cities have ended up buried and these cities became the foundation for the complex.
Language: Drow Sign Language (secret), Undercommon,


The jungle realm of Orsim is the home of the Orcs. The thick jungle is dense, hot, and humid, many creatures roam its great expanses. But if the creatures dont kill you, the savage indigenous peoples will. The orcs are headhunters and cannibals, rumors of vast wealth in gold persist, but every expedition into the realm has failed.
Language: Orcish, Cyclopean, Gnoll


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