-13563 Devan Agen: The end of the age of the Deva, the clash between the Titans and the creator gods ended in the extermination of their race and the imprisonment of the titans. The century following the war was intensely turbulent, extreme upheaval ripped the land apart and changed the face of the planet.

-7421 Evar Agen: The beginning of the age of the Evar Dovarh ero Feralt united the evar clans and formed the state of Zel’ Evar he also founded the city of Zel’ Evara

-5543 Evar Agen: The Dwarves broke through from The Isa and claimed the mountain region known as Haskan.

-4093 Evar Agen: The beginning of the Elven Incursions a series of territorial wars with the region’s Elves

-1934 Evar Agen: The first Night of Worms sees the near destruction of the world. Only the brave actions of a small group of evar stopped the worm cult from unleashing the end maker.

-1555 Evar Agen: A group of elves assassinate the first Arbiter of the [ Runes plunging the region into a holy war, that eventually became an ethnic cleansing.

-1277 Evar Agen: The end of the elven incursions saw the creation of an elven state. Ethillea by the ruler Ceristal Detheniel.

0 Humanis Agen: The Age of humanity began on the continent with the arrival of a large fleet of humans from a far-off place.

127 Humanis Agen: The Human realm of Elthaggu

1067 Humanis Agen: A civil war between humans leads to the creation of three separate nations Arbalet, Tuaxia, and Criandel

3118 Humanis Agen: The Beginning of The Last Great War

3188 Humanis Agen: The end of the The Last Great War results in the ascension of the Dallahnt family, and the rise to power of Ascamae

3278 Humanis Agen: The Dallahnt family is assassinated, threatening to spark a new Great War.


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