Originally settled by the Evar, Haskan was largely an uninhabited territory in the heart of the continent. The high peaks and passes and violently xenophobic giants made inhabiting the region extremely dangerous, so the Evar mostly functioned around it.

But in -5543 Evar Agen, the dwarves, lead by Adogretor Stoneheart broke through from their entrapment in The Isa. Their long isolation finally over, they adapted to the impassable terrain with ease. The giants that ranged the mountains attempted to fight back, but after a long, bloody stalemate of a war, the dwarves won out. Their massive strongholds slowly strangled the life from the giant army, giving them control of the region peak by peak. To this day there are no giants remaining in Haskan. Since the end of the war, the dwarves have taken over most of the old giant strongholds and modified them.



Fort Aegis
Khaz Drakk
South Haskan Pass
Sunfall Stronghold


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