The dwarves of Valeras are deeply somber people who refer to themselves as “the Forlorn”. During the Age of the Deva, the Dwarves were created as short, stocky deep miners who were never intended to see sunlight. After the War of Extermination, the dwarves were forgotten in the mines, which were cut off in the cataclysm on the surface. The dwarves wandered The Isa for millennia fighting the leftover devan creations, the Drow, and the Duergar.

In -5543 Evar Agen, the dwarves finally broke through to the surface from the isa. They fought with the giants of Haskan, eventually winning the long and costly war. Combat, defensive fortifications, mining, and the art of the deal come naturally to dwavres. Dwarves are often consulted on building strongholds, In addition, dwarven weapons are highly respected for their craftsmanship. Dwarven forges have been built around the continent, but the oldest, and most respected are in Haskan.

Dwarves are often considered to be conservative and steeped in tradition, but their somber attitudes have a lot to do with their history. The dark clothing they wear is because bright colors did not exist in their world without sunlight. Their work ethic comes from their devan creators. the Dwarves were originally intended to exist entirely as workers in the mines.

Physically, they are shorter than humans, approximately 3’7"- 4"5" in height. But they often weigh the same, being very stocky. This made them very excellent miners for the Deva, as they could get into shorter tunnels and still carry heavy loads.

Male Names: Dolgrin, Grunyar, Harsk, Kazmuk, Morgrym, Rogar.

Female Names: Agna, Bodill, Ingra, Kotri, Rusilka, Yangrit.


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