Criandel is a dry, hot nation southwest of Ascamae. The Astabbe River that winds through it gives the realm its life. The largest and oldest cities in Criandel are built next to it. Engineering became essential to the country as the river changed course and flooded yearly, dams became necessary, and integral to the stability of the region. Now the country is run by technologists, knowledge is the fastest way to ascend the political ranks in Criandel.


Criandel was formed in 1067 Humanis Agen after a massive civil war collapses the human nation of Elthaggu. Amhaur Vaust, the professor who ran a prestigious university in Killstarri eventually lead the revolt which crushed Elthaggu. When his people went south to claim the area that would become Criandel, he saw in the river, the lifegiving nature of its waters


Criandel is run by a technocracy, headed by Lucan Wolfgang. The Capitol, Avucas, is home to a large number of universities, and places of higher learning. Devan ruins are routinely looted by people seeking devan science.

Locations of note

Astabbe River:

Astabbe University:

Avucas: The Capital city of Criandel, Avucas is home


Daskr Canyon

The Great Calderi Railroad


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