145 Humanis Agen: The human kingdom of Ascame was a rival to elthaggu, originating near the Sea of Spectres It was formed by the collection of Ascaran Clans around the Hellfury River The leader of the clan was one Caelius Labernus Gaianus.

255 Humanis Agen: Ascamae goes to war with a tribe of barbarians to the northwest, in the
Drovag Timberland. After two years of confilct they took the majority of the region. Slaughtering approximately a quarter of the inhabitants.

556 Humanis Agen: Battle of the Sea of Spectres. Ascamae sent a massive fleet of ships to try and take the Spectre Isles. The fleet was defeated by the superior ships and naval command of the Skaldic People. After the defeat, a storm destroyed the remaining ships.

899 Humanis Agen: Elthaggu attacks the eastern border of Ascamae. Ascamae’s legions are recalled to fight off the invasion. after about 15 years of on and off fighting the Ascarans threw the Elthaggine out. but lost control of the Drovag region due to rebellion.

1208 Humanis Agen: AFter the fall of Elthaggu, Ascamae expanded its influence.into the surrounding region during a series of small incursions.

1776 Humanis Agen: Ascamae is annexed by the Upstart Calderi Empire

2235 Humanis Agen: Ascamae is wracked by the War of Murdered Kin a civil war that lasted 10 years and lead to the deaths of nearly every noble of royal heritage.

2317 Humanis Age: The First Great War broke out between Haskan, Ascamae, and Tuaxia. The war bankrupted Ascamae, and a rebellion followed after a few years of excessive taxation.

2768 Humanis Agen: The Second Great War broke out between Haskan, Ascamae, The Spectre Isles, Zel Evara And Tuaxia over imperial sucession. Zel Evara gained the throne when it ended the war after the Battle of Exetrebus

3118 Humanis Agen: The beginning of The Last Great War. Ascamae Invaded Zel Evara

3188 Humanis Agen: The last great war ended with the ascension of the Dallahnt family.

3278 Humanis Agen: The Dallahnt family is assassinated. This event lead to a series of small conflicts, first internally within Ascamae, then with Haskan and finally with Tuaxia. Tuaxia won the war and conquered Ascamae, Put Dominae Dallahnt onto the Imperial Throne.


Historically, Ascamae was run by an elected Consul. After a few centuries howeverthe elected consul started using his military power to force a monarchy. After a few centuries of this, most of the nobility accept the ruling family until the Prima has no legitimate heir. Recently, Dominae Dallahnt was positioned on the throne by Tuaxia. He maintains power by using his legions, and tuaxian commands to suppress any rebellions.


Acqua Viva
Aggrippina Romanorum
Aquae Helveticae
Atra Palus Nebulas
Boltangate Stronghold
Castle Malatova
Castra Nova Equitum Singularium
Death’s Razor
Den of Stinging Death
Fang Thunder
Fort Crashdown
Ingentes Lapides
Kedilia Hills
Kekethia Ruins
Kophes Wilds
Pontus Fractus
Pontus River
Portus itius
Serra Tallva
Tower of Agathis
Zel’ Evara


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