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  • Tuaxia

    [[File:411046 | class=media-item-align-none | 1000x604_10968_Agraphur_of_Turan_2d_fantasy_landscape_ancient_city_architecture_picture_image_digital_art.jpg]] h4. History and society Tuaxia is a large realm on the southern edge of the continent. It' …

  • Xingkan

    [[File:406901 | class=media-item-align-none | fantasy_sand_city-1.jpg]] Xingkan is the capital city of [[Tuaxia | Tuaxia]]. Known for its massive stone domes, and for its heart, The shining palace, the home of the King of Tuaxia, and [[The Red Court]].

  • The Red Court

    The Red Court is the house of ministers, and the home of politics for [[Tuaxia | Tuaxia]]. Situated in [[Xingkan | Xingkan]], and across the river from The shining palace

  • Shining Palace

    [[File:406909 | class=media-item-align-none | thai_grpl_01.jpg]] The shining palace is the home of [[:min-xiang-lam | Min Xiang Lam ]], and her ancestors. It is the primary seat of government within Tuaxia, the military is headquartered within its …

  • Min Xiang Lam

    Min Xiang Lam is the King of [[Tuaxia | Tuaxia]]. She is a powerful ruler, with one of the richest and largest realms in the empire.

  • The Red Samurai

    The Red Samurai are the elite guards of [[:min-xiang-lam | Min Xiang Lam ]], they're the best of the [[Tuaxia | Tauxian]] army. and they're lead by [[:ryuunosuke-nishimura | Ryuunosuke Nishimura]] and [[:shouta-yamada | Shouta Yamada]]

  • Ryuunosuke Nishimura

    Ryuunosuke Nishimura is the single greatest warrior alive in [[Tuaxia | Tuaxia]] today. He has killed Hundreds on the battlefield, and constantly tests himself with duels. Many challengers have died to his

  • Shouta Yamada

    Shouta Yamada is one of two personal bodyguards of [[:min-xiang-lam | Min Xiang Lam ]], and a member of [[:the-red-samurai | The Red Samurai]] he is one of the most powerful warriors in the empire. said to have killed hundreds on the battlefield, he is a …

  • Daisuke Yamauchi

    Daisuke was willing to help the party with their trek through Tuaxia. His mother wanted him to get out of the band. but his father was furious at the suggestion. Dai isnt sure if he can ever go back to his parents.

  • Takuma Fukui

    When a civil war lead to the collapse of Elthaggu, Takuma Fukui decided to abandon the decadent culture of the north. he took his clans to the south, and settled in a sparsely inhabited region near the [[Haskri Mountains]] this small nation eventually …

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