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  • Exetrebus

    Exetrebus was a small city ruined during the Last Great War. all of the Evar who lived there were massacred and it's claimed that the ruins are still haunted. Haunted or not, the Local Orcs have taken over the ruins and are using it as a staging area to …

  • Toledis

    Toledis is a small town at the base of the [[Haskan | Haskan Mountains]] and the border of Haskan. The town has a small general store run by [[:havis | Havis]] and an inn run by Drevis and [[:sketh | Sketh]]. The town suffers from frequent bandit raids …

  • Pontus Fractus

    Pontus Fractus is a large villa for the Calderi Emperor on the northern cliffs above the [[Serra Tallva | Serra Tallva]].

  • Cunetio

    Cunetio is a small supporting town for [[Pontus Fractus | Pontus Fractus]], on the corner of the [[Serra Tallva | Serra Tallva]] along the [[Pontus River]]

  • Mirstogn

    A small town known for the legend of the Twin Guardians. It is protected by two guardian runestones. [[:warpriest | Elmorn]] was born here

  • Zel'a Taigus

    [[File:498300 | class=media-item-align-none | medieval_town_by_shutupandwhisper-d6q07yv.jpg]] It means "Home of Foreigners" Humans fleeing Ascamae and the wars have ended up in here.

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