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  • Iskel Den

    The Iskel Den is a tribe of drow residing within [[The Isa | The Isa]]. The tribe worships a nearby rune of Power.

  • Melerith Ebonwings

    Melerith Ebonwings is the leader of the Iskel Den, a small clan of Drow on the outskirts of [[The Isa | The Isa]]. She's bright, pretty, energetic, and deadly. She's the strongest wizard in the drow community she runs, and has a position of prestige.

  • Ghaunmur'ss Melval

    Ghaunmur'ss is the captain of the hit squad that was captured during the raid after the [[The Crowning Achievement part 2 | raid]].

  • The Speaker of Truths

    The Speaker of truths is a horrible abomination living in the mines near the underground town of [[Iskel Den | Iskel Den]] unfortunately he ambushed some of Iskel Den's warriors and took a prized possession. they managed to seal it up but are unable to …

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