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  • Spectre Isles

    [[File:411005 | class=media-item-align-none | spectre.jpg]] h4. Society and Culture The Spectre isles are run by a hardy group of fair haired humans. Master ship builders, sea farers and raiders, the people of the isles have a fierce reputation …

  • Sea of Spectres

    The Sea of Spectres is a large body of water west of [[Ascamae | Ascamae]], south of [[Arbalet | Arbalet]], and north of [[Criandel | Criandel]]. It is home to many mysteries, like rumors of a massive metal ruin floating aimlessly, of mysterious fogs that …

  • Kristjana Robertsson

    Kristjana is the King of the Spectre Isles. She is a fair-minded, Intelligent, and cunning adversary in both politics, and on the field of battle. her skill at arms matches her political understanding in strength.

  • Hanna Stefansdottir

    Hannah is the ambassador from the spectre isles. she has so far been amenable to the plight of the Ascaran people, and has been willing to work with Farakhel in the past. She's very smart though, some say she has some arcane talent.

  • Heikir Mósesson

    Heikir is the Master of Ships, the most prestigious post in the spectre isles next to the king. And he didnt earn the post through nepotism. Heikir is cunning, brave and ambitious. not afraid to take risks that would make others hesitate. But when he does …

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