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  • Sadon's Star

    Sadon was a Victory Marked Knight who fought against the darkness in the Isa. After personally slaying 1000 Drow in one of their "purges" Sadon fell on the third day of battle. but his death was not in vain. He managed to seal the drow in with himself. it …

  • Sadon's Spark Plate

    Sadon's spirit was such that even with grievous wounds he refused to fall in his battle with the drow. He fought for days while on the brink of death, until at last he could fight no more. Sadon's armor was lost after the drow of the Isa attempted to …

  • Sadon's Wall

    Sadon's resolve was so great even a tunnel collapse was not enough to prevent him from killing a thousand drow soldiers. When he fell, the drow tried to destroy his shield. They were unsuccessful.

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