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  • Pontus River

    The Pontus River flows along the northern edge of [[Ascamae | Ascamae]] from the [[South Haskan Pass | South Haskan Pass]] to the [[Serra Tallva | Serra Tallva]]. It's a major thoroughfare for northern Ascamae, and a lifeline for [[Cunetio | Cunetio]].

  • Astabbe River

    A major river that flows through [[Criandel | Criandel]]. Its waters have been dammed repeatedly over the years by the expert engineers of criandel. These dam projects help stabilize the raging currents and prevent it from flooding its banks.

  • Hellfury River

    The Hellfury river is a major river in Ascamae. it originates in [[Haskan | Haskan]] and ends in the [[Sea of Spectres]]. Along its bank it hosts the great city of [[Zel' Evara | Zel' Evara]], and it bifurcates the [[Death's Razor | Death's Razor]]. …

  • Djurger River

    Another Major river north of [[Zel' Evara | Zel' Evara]] it flows past [[Fang Thunder]] between [[Haskan]] and [[Death's Razor | Death's Razor]], where it joins with the [[Hellfury River | Hellfury River]]

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