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  • Titus Caelinus

    The leader of the "Moral Majority" is preventing the [[Myrkyva | Myrkyva]] from accessing some prison records He also intends to lead an initiative to dismantle the group.. they tasked [[:karth | Karth]] with discrediting him

  • Alfus von Dakkus

    Alfus von Dakkus is a Crianden technocrat. Graduated high honors from [[Astabbe University]] he became Minister of Education after touring most of the continent to gather information, knowledge, and faculty for the university system in Criandel. He …

  • Colin Derinias Gelio

    "The beauty of pragmatism, is that one may apply it to any cause. " The House of Gelio has a long and storied history of being some of the dirtiest, honor-less bastards among the houses of Arbalest. They have betrayed their friends, helped their …

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