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  • Fort Crashdown

    Fort Crashdown is a ruined fort in the [[South Haskan Pass | South Haskan Pass]] Originally created during [[The Last Great War | The Last Great War]] as a guard against invasion through the mountains from [[Zel' Evar | Zel' Evar]] it was destroyed about …

  • Fort Aegis

    A fort at the edge of [[Sunfall Stronghold]]. The fort is the Entrance to the great city. nestled at the base of the valley in which the city rests.

  • Khaz Drakk

    [[File:394270 | class=media-item-align-none | khazdrakk.jpg]] Khaz drakk is the realm seat of Haskan. It was created by dwarfs as one of their last bastions in their war with the giants. Khaz Drak, was built in a position that cut the remaining clans …

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