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  • Kophes Wilds

    The Kophes Wilds is a forested area west of the [[Serra Tallva | Serra Tallva]]. The forest was once home to many fey creatures. but they were driven out during the first night of worms. Now, many magical beasts live in the forest. Occasionally one or two …

  • Barrow Timberlands

    [[File:400566 | class=media-item-align-none | timberlands.jpg]] A massive forest in the center of [[Arbalet | Arbalet]]. Countless battles have been fought beneath its canopy. And massive castles sprout though the trees.

  • The Bone Forest

    The bone forest is an ancient dark forest filled with wandering dead. Zombies and skeletons stalk the woods extinguishing life as they find it. A central road traverses the wood and is the only safe path through the forest. Step off the road only with …

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