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  • Farakhel Dallahnt

    Born of Verecian Dallahnt and Jalian Esccius, the imperial princess Farakhel is fairly childish, and self- important. But she is also intelligent, and very good at political maneuvering. Her upbringing in the imperial court has given her a good grasp at …

  • Dominae Dallahnt

    Born of [[:caecilia-severina | Caecilia Severina ]] and [[:verecian-dallahnt | Verecian Dallahnt]] Dominae was hidden from the rest of the world and the Dallahnt Family to prevent his bastard birthright from upstaging the proper children of Verecian. …

  • Verecian Dallahnt

    Verecian Dallahnt is the now deceased emperor of Calderi. His assassination spurred on a chain of events that has lead to his daughter [[:farakhel-dallahnt | Farakhel Dallahnt]] being named King of [[Ascamae | Ascamae]]

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