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  • Rendelharm

    Rendelharm is a sea serpent that prowls the waters of the Hellfury River. he attacks ships and steals their treasure. It is believed that there is an underwater cave somewhere in one of the deepest parts of the river filled with treasure.

  • The Horror of the Dark Swamp

    Lusolth is a killer that stalks the [[Atra Palus Nebulas | Atra Palus Nebulas]] He kills for fun, and to collect the statues that he creates from his victims. It is said his lair is a veritable forest of petrified travellers...

  • Keanriith the Crushing Devastation

    Keanriith is wrath personified, a murderer, The destroyer. He has collected a massive horde of Devan artifacts which he guards obsessively. The Dragon once destroyed an entire battalion of Devan soldiers before they managed to lock him in the forge. His …

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