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  • Devan Jet Injector

    This weird device has a trigger. touching an enemy with the tip and pulling the trigger drains the target's life force and gives it to the user. The Devan must have used this weapon during the war of extermination.

  • Gloves of the Blazing dragon

    Many Devan were masters of martial arts. They mostly used it for physical fitness, training, and sport. These red gloves, emblazoned with golden dragons were found in a locker in [[Mekkallus]]. When put on, these gloves attach to the wearer's nerves. They …

  • Devan Lifehelm

    This complicated device is worn on the forehead. Electrodes on the skin monitor brainwaves, and allow the wearer to access and manipulate his own life force. The Devan created this for their doctors, it gave them diagnostic abilities, and also some …

  • Kerreshtu

    Kerreshtu was a devan facility where research on logevity was conducted. Located half a day's ride north of [[Castle Darkhelm | Castle Darkhelm]]

  • Mekkallus

    Mekkallus is a devan ruin about a day's ride south of [[Zel' Evara | Zel' Evara]]. The ruin lies at the base of the [[Death's Razor | Death's Razor]] escarpment. The ruins were only recently discovered after a giant statue was uncovered in a mine …

  • Ashhalli

    Ashalli is an ancient ruin in the center of the [[Kedilia Hills]]. Rumors of great treasure surround the ruin, but so far no one has even been able to open the great doors.

  • Levushtu

    A ruin deep inside the [[Kophes Wilds | Kophes Wilds]]. This ruin is overrun by the forest. The massive structures that remain are covered in vines, and trees. Wildlife keeps clear of these ruins for some reason... [[File:339682 | class=media-item- …

  • The Devan Forge

    The Devan Forge is a massive underground complex in the [[Kedilia Hills | Kedilia Hills]]. Rumors abound about what resides at the center of the complex. but they all share one thing, the forge is a place of danger. [[File:339919 | class=media-item …

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