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  • Criandel

    Criandel is a dry, hot nation southwest of [[Ascamae | Ascamae]]. The [[Astabbe River]] that winds through it gives the realm its life. The largest and oldest cities in Criandel are built next to it. Engineering became essential to the country as the …

  • Astabbe University

    A massive academy in [[Avucas]] dedicated to the mechanical arts. Metalurgy, mechanical engineering, weapon development, and chemistry are practiced here. The University is named after the [[Astabbe River]] h4. Notable People The Dean [[:kalht- …

  • Astabbe River

    A major river that flows through [[Criandel | Criandel]]. Its waters have been dammed repeatedly over the years by the expert engineers of criandel. These dam projects help stabilize the raging currents and prevent it from flooding its banks.

  • Avucas

    Avucas, situated near the mouth of the [[Astabbe River | Astabbe River]] is the Capitol of [[Criandel | Criandel]]. It is home to the [[Palace of Sands]] and [[Astabbe University | Astabbe University]] in addition to a sizable harbor. Surrounding the city …

  • Killstarri

    Killstarri is a mining town near the [[Daskr Canyon]]. The canyon is a major source of Amaranthium metal. Which is used in the creation of Devan style items. The town is run by the Dean of the local university. Some say werewolves number among the …

  • Daskr Canyon

    The Daskr Canyon is a massive million square mile canyon carved out of the desert by the [[Astabbe River | Astabbe River]]. Deep mines for Amaranthium mark the walls of the canyon.

  • Lucan Wolfgang

    Lucan Wolfgang is the technocrat King of [[Criandel | Criandel]] He is incredibly intelligent, often seeing things most others miss. His innovations include the airship he rides in, and a better braking system for the railroads crisscrossing Criandel

  • Aurora Fränze Greenberg

    Aurora is a young woman from Criandel wearing very fancy clothing. She worked for Lucan Wolfgang as an ambassador to [[Zel' Evara | Zel' Evara]]. She met the party during [[The Crowning Achievement | The Crowning Achievement.]] and was killed the next …

  • Tiedemann Prinz

    Tiedemann is a conservative alumni of [[Astabbe University | Astabbe University]] who wants Criandel to work with haskan. He uses his position to influence Criandel's foreign policy. He was convicted and executed for treason.

  • Alfus von Dakkus

    Alfus von Dakkus is a Crianden technocrat. Graduated high honors from [[Astabbe University]] he became Minister of Education after touring most of the continent to gather information, knowledge, and faculty for the university system in Criandel. He …

  • Kalht Dolph

    Kalht, a tall dark haired gentleman is a professor of mechanical engineering at [[Astabbe University | Astabbe University]] he met [[:tiedemann-prinz | Tiedemann Prinz]] while the two were working for [[:denghi-masshammer | Denghi Masshammer]] on a dam …

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