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  • Bloodied Armor

    The bloodied armor is a set of ritually blessed armor that was pulled from the body of a warrior who died with valor during [[The Last Great War | The Last Great War]]. No one knows the name of the warrior, but his valiant sacrifice enabled the Zel Evaran …

  • Alkhere Tribe

    The Alkhere tribe is the largest tribe of barbarians in Haskan. lead by [[:jovyr-ero-sahl | Jovyr ero Sahl]], it currently consists of a large population of Evar, and resides in the northern half of the Haskan range. The Alkhere are a major force within …

  • Kristjana Robertsson

    Kristjana is the King of the Spectre Isles. She is a fair-minded, Intelligent, and cunning adversary in both politics, and on the field of battle. her skill at arms matches her political understanding in strength.

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