Sloan's Oathbow

A longbow carved with the names of the fallen.

weapon (ranged)

+1 Seeking Composite Longbow

This special ability can only be placed on ranged weapons. A seeking weapon veers toward its target, negating any miss chances that would otherwise apply, such as from concealment. The wielder still has to aim the weapon at the right square. Arrows mistakenly shot into an empty space, for example, do not veer and hit invisible enemies, even if they are nearby.


After settling in Zel’Evara, the Gunari Clan were finally able to mourn their losses. This included burning the bodies of the few they were able to retrieve, inaugurating new family heads, and the construction of oathbows.

Oathbows are a Gunari tradition in which the names of fallen brethren are carved into the stave of a newly made bow while swearing one of two oaths: an oath to carry their memories into battle, or an oath to avenge their deaths. In Sloan’s case, the oath was one of vengeance as he carved the names of his father, Aiden, and his great uncle, Marcus into the stave. The Evar, respecting this tradition, offered to grant those who spoke oaths of vengeance additional power via the Runes of Vengeance and Justice. For those that accepted, Sloan included, these runes were burned onto the stave, and additional power was indeed granted.

Sloan's Oathbow

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