Sash of Gunari Warlords

A sash worn by the leaders of the Gunari Clan.


Sash of the War Champion
The wearer treats his fighter level as 4 higher than normal for the purpose of the armor training and bravery class features.


This sash, most recently worn by Aiden Gunari, is a ceremonial sash worn by the Gunari Clan leader during celebrations, coming of age ceremonies, funerals, war councils and the like. After seeking asylum in Zel’Evara, Daric presented him with this sash to indoctrinate him as the new leader of the clan. Seeing this, the Evar told him of a sacred area where many of their leaders go to pass the test of the Rune of War. After receiving permission to take the test, Sloan traveled alone to the ruin. After an arduous trial, the sash was imbued with the Rune’s power.

Sash of Gunari Warlords

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