Kaldred's Ring

Remnant of Kaldred's Armor embedded with the Rune of Protection.


Ring of Foe Focus
The Wearer of the ring can, at will, designate any one opponent she can see as a particularly dangerous foe. She gains a +2 bonus to her AC and saving throws against attacks made by that opponent until she designates a new enemy.


During the Tuaxian raid of Cunetio, Aiden and Sloan Gunari along with a handful of other clan members held off a large force of Tuaxian soldiers while the citizens of Cunetio piled into Gunari keep seeking safety. When an elite force of Tuaxian soldiers entered the battlefield, Aiden was slain and Sloan’s armor and weapon were rent asunder. While he managed to escape into the keep with his father’s prized weapon, Kaldred’s Armor was utterly destroyed.

After the surviving Gunari clan and Cunetio citizens fled to Zel’Evara, Sloan received aid in augmenting and fixing his arsenal. A salvaged bit of his scale armor was bent into a ring and embedded with the Rune of Protection. Thus the legacy of the armor and the power of the Rune gave this shard of metal new purpose and power. Sloan continues to call it Kaldred’s Ring out of respect for the memory and legacy of the original armor.

Kaldred's Ring

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