Kaldred's Armor

Heroic Scale Armor


+1 Scale Armor


Kaldred was a great Centurian from Ascamae, tasked with Protecting the new Regent Caecilia Severina. Early on during the War of the Arrows She was targeted by the Elves for assassination. During the attempt on her life, his armor was dented by an enemy arrow. in Spite of his grievous injury he slew or captured the would-be killers and saved her from death. Later, during the “Battle of the Dark Woods” he personally slew more than one hundred of Ethillea’s greatest warriors before his death. His sacrifice and honor have stood as testament to the strength and courage of Ascamae’s elite centurions.

After his death, the armor was kept in the castle of ancient kings by the wardens of the royal treasury. Eventually Lady Farakhel chose to bestow the armor upon Sloan Gunari for his valor during the The Consulate Day Raid

Kaldred's Armor

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