Gunari Plate

A set of armor forged by the Gunari clan from strange metals found in the ruins of Zel'Evara and branded with the Runes of Protection and War.


+2 Defiant Humanoid (Human) Field Plate

Armor and shields with this special ability excel at blocking the attacks of certain types of creatures, similar to a bane weapon’s excelling against certain foes. Against the designated foe, the item’s enhancement bonus to AC is +2 better than its actual bonus and provides DR 2/— against attacks from that foe. This increase in enhancement bonus applies only to the armor or shield’s enhancement bonus, not to temporary bonuses (such as the magic vestment spell).


This suite of armor meant to replace Kaldred’s Armor was forged by the Gunari Clan from strange pieces of metal found in the ruins of Zel’Evara. The armor was also marked with the Runes of Protection and War.

Gunari Plate

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