Gloves of the Blazing dragon

Dragon marked Gloves


Once/Day you may make a single unarmed attack as a full round action with a +5 bonus on the attack roll. If you hit with the attack you deal an addition 1d12 damage, and may make a free bull rush attempt as if you have the improved bull rush feat. if you succeed on the bull rush the target must make a DC15 acrobatic check or land prone in the target square.


Many Devan were masters of martial arts. They mostly used it for physical fitness, training, and sport. These red gloves, emblazoned with golden dragons were found in a locker in Mekkallus. When put on, these gloves attach to the wearer’s nerves. They impart a muscle memory to the wearer and allow for the use of extraordinary attacks.

Gloves of the Blazing dragon

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