Jovyr ero Sahl

Chieftain of the Alkhere


Alvhien era Sere’s father and leader of the largest tribe of barbarians in Haskan This massive man is renowned for his bravery on the field of battle. He is considered by many subjects to be a good ruler, if incredibly iron fisted.

Jovyr has fought many battles in the haskan mountains against raiders, other barbarians from haarguth, Drow, and Duergar from The Isa. Most of these battles were at the behest of his king Denghi Masshammer, whom he owes his allegiance and power to. His alliance with the king was the reason he was forced to expel his daughter AND Geoff. Jovyr intends to maintain the current political balance of power in Haskan by crushing any resistance as forcefully as he can. This puts him in direct opposition of his Daughter. He has yet to get around to killing her but maintains his delaying has nothing to do with her relation to him.

Jovyr was slain by Alvhien after her invasion of Haskan.

Jovyr ero Sahl

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