Davgeon Huntinghawk

King of the Misty Lands


Alchemist: 10 Aristocrat 4


Davgeon Huntinghawk is the last survivor of the Huntinghawk family. A short war referred to as the Night of Daggers which was fought mostly within the royal Huntinghawk family ended in the deaths of all the other participants. Gnomes were strung up for years for their roles in aiding other parties in the battle. And the castle still has the telltale marks of war etches in the walls and hallways. Most people are not allowed to speak of the intra-family war, as doing so could lead to execution.

Davgeon is a maniacal little bugger, his hatred for the elves, and megalomania are legendary. He is well known for several seditious acts supposedly carried out on his orders, but the charges of treason could not be proven.

Davgeon Huntinghawk

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