Caecilia Severina

Regent of Ascamae


Aristocrat: 6 Cleric: 2


Caecilia is the regent in charge of Ascamae since her Appointment by the former Emperor. For 25 years she has served in her current capacity. Her son Jedefre Severina was recently killed before he could marry Farakhel Dallahnt and cement her position of power.

Recently it has become known that Caecillia has another son. A bastard fathered by Verecian Dallahnt. She has gained control of the throne of Ascamae by siding with the Tuaxians in a war for the empire. Now her son rules from the palace of ancient kings. But bargains she made on her rise to power ate now coming due. And power is not all it seemed.

Caecilia Severina

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